One island many destinations

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean, with a surface of more than 25k km2. The landscape is very varied, as the island is mountainous and hilly – the highest massif being the volcano Etna, rising to 3300 m a.s.l. The coastline, mostly rocky to the north, and sandy to the south, 

is about 1500 km long. The climate is decidedly Mediterranean, with hot summers and short and mild winters. There are around 2500 hours of sunshine per year.  The water temperature varies from about 16 degrees Celsius in winter to 27 in summer. For a trip to Sicily, which is not limited to bathing purposes, we recommend the spring and autumn months, April – June and September – October. The two biggest towns in Sicily are Palermo and Catania, both have an international airport. 

The population is estimated to be about 5 milions.

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