Today it is not enough to travel to another place, visit monuments and eat different food. People want to come to know the people and the habits of the places they visit. Due to our long permanence in the field of tourisme we have a large choice of experiences to propose for your clients. Here you have some of them with the possibility to download the whole program.


There are different possibilities for visiting Palermo in a different way. Here you cave a few of them:

1. Tour of the old city and downtown by bike or on foot. 2. Street Art tour by bike or on foot. 3.A seaside tour discovering the village of Mondello by bike or on foot. 4. A walking tour to see old and new artcraft in the old city centre of Palermo


These cooking classes take place in Catania, Siracusa or on Etna. There are 9 different possibilities:

1.Traditional cuisine in Catania. 2. Traditional cuisine in Siracusa. 3. Pasta masterclass. 4. Etna wines and food. 5. Food tour. 6. Pizza and Cannolo. 7. Street food. 8 Traditional pastries. 9. Baroque  cuisine


The following courses take place in Favara, a small town near Agrigento

1. Cooking Classes at Annalisa’s House 2. Favara Walking & Tasting Tour. 3. Cooking Classes at the Almond Museum. 4. Cooking Classes at Farm Cultural Park.  5. Cooking Classes in the Countryside. 6. We make the Favara Easter lamb. 7. Sicilian dinner experience with cooking show. 8. Dairy Tour. 9. Olive Oil Tour. 10. Wine Tour


Visiting winefarms and wine tasting have become almost a must in Sicily, since Sicilian wine today has become e real excellency. We have agreements with wine farms all over the island. The below is an example.

1. Wine tasting at Baglio Soria. 2. Wine and food. 3. Great wines. 4. Wine and cooking class. 5. Cooking Classes


As for the wine sector  also in the production of olive oil Sicily has reached the first placements in the international fairs. To visit oil mills has become e frequent request, which we can arrange all over Sicily.

The guests will taste the oil together with local bread and other products. The brochure you can download is just one of our suppliers of this kind of experience.


On the extreme southeast cost of Sicily a very particular experience is reserved for tourists. Gli Aromi is a herb garden. A farm where hundreds of different kinds of aromatic and medicinal herbs are grown, and many activities are organ­ised. At Gli Aromi you will find the familiar kitchen herbs but you will also find herbs used for medicinal purposes such as Melissa and hyssop. A guided tour through the fields to smell and to learn about the plants is surely an interesting experience.


A tasty curiosity for travelers: chocolate is one of the most famous typical products of Modica, a little town in the south east of Sicily. It is still prepared following the 16th century recipe brought here during the Spanish domination.The activities take place inside a chocolate laboratory in Modica

During the class you will get a historical excursus on the origins of the product, on the nutritional value and the working techniques. The guests will see the process with its various steps, from the selection of the cocoa beans to the toasting and grinding until the ready product.


The small Fiat 500 has been the most popular car in Italy during the years ’60 and ’70 an sold in great numbers. Suitable for the many narrow streets in the historical towncentres and easy to park in the overcrowded parking places. Today it is a vintage car and still offers an unforgettable way for a visit.

There are several tours:
1.The old towncentre of Palermo.. 2. Tour up Monte Pellegrino. 3. Discovering Mondello. 4. Tour of the coast. 5. Monreale. 6. Night Tour of Palermo


 Today there is a very strong movement against the mafia especially among the younger people and a strong will to fight against it. We are part of one of these associations and we offer  your clients the possibility to know more about the matter. There are five different tours.  

1.Walking tour in the old town centre. 2. On our legs. A tour through Palermo and Capaci. 3. One hundred steps through Cinisi and Terrasini – the story of Peppino Impastato. 4 Corleone. Visit to the town and the antimafia movements. 5 Anti-mafia studytour – 8 days in the Palermo area

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